TOS & Purchase Agreement

“we”, “us”, or “seller” refer to Mathijs And Noah

“recovery”,”key”, “it”, & “product” refers to the services we offer

“you” or “customer” refers to the buyer

By purchasing any product you automatically agree to these terms of service.

We reserve the right to change our TOS at any time.

  1. We Operate Under a no refund after 24 hours or if the Product has been redeemed.
  2. You are aware that issuing a chargeback/dispute will get you suspended from all our products.
  3. You are aware that we reserve the right to revoke any or all of your keys to our product(s) at any time without a notice.
  4. You are aware that our prices could change in the future
  5. We reserve the right to refuse support to you for any reason.
  6. Products that state “Lifetime” in the product description refer to the lifespan of the menu aka “as long as it exists”